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What is the Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines, Inc. (AKCUPI)?
AKCUPI is a duly recognized by the Philippine government as a legitimate dog registering organization. Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission and Department of Trade and Industry in 2008, AKCUPI is here to serve the needs of the dog owning public. Our goal is to offer fast, reliable and affordable dog registration services. This is main the reason why AKCUPI was established, with you the dog owner in mind. Our friendly staff is there to assist you to make registering your dog an easy & pleasurable experience.

Is AKCUPI recognized abroad?
AKCUPI is a member of several international organizations. AKCUPI is a member of the Kennel Club Union of Asia (KCUA) based in Taiwan, and the Union of Asian Kennel Clubs (UAKC) based in Seoul, Korea and the International Kennel Union (IKU) based in Europe.

Does AKCUPI hold dog shows?
YES, we hold dog shows at our official show venue at the Tiendesitas En Frontera Verde in Pasig City officiated by big name personalities in the dog industry from the United States, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, New Zealand, India , Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Thailand. In fact, AKUCPI’s All-Breed shows were officiated by the most number of American Kennel Club judges some who have judged at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Shows at the Madison Square Garden in New York. We strive to bring in only the best and most competent judges and we ensure honest and clean competition without politics. We have various affiliated clubs who hold dog shows in Metro Manila, Luzon & Visayas and soon in Mindanao. A schedule of our shows is posted at our website and at our Facebook page.

How does a dog become an AKCUPI Champion?

AKCUPI holds championship dog shows.   Challenge certificates are awarded by the judge to the Winner’s Dog, Winner’s Bitch, Best Opposite Sex & Best Of Breed Winner.  The judge can withhold a Challenge Certificate if he/she feels the dog is not a good representative of the breed.  In order to become an AKCUPI Champion, a dog has to earn at the five (5) Challenge certificates under at least three (3) different judges.  A dog can only earn one Challenge certificate per show.

How does a dog become a AKCUPI Grand Champion?

To become an AKCUPI Grand Champion, a dog has to earn at least 25 Challenge Certificates.

How do I register my pure breed dog?

**For first time registrants submit an ID photo of yourself for the dog owner’s ID and fill up the Dog Owner’s Registration Form & Signature card.

A) Transfer of ownership: (For dogs not yet registered under your name.)
AKCUPI registered dogs – at the back of the pedigree, the former owner has to sign Part I which certifies that he/she is transferring the ownership of the dog to the new owner. The new owner signs Part II is signify their intention to have the dog’s ownership transferred to their name. Submit the original AKCUPI pedigree to the office.
Dogs registered with PCCI & Other clubs – at the back of the pedigree, the owner on record has to sign the section which certifies that he/she is transferring the ownership of the dog to a new owner. The new owner signs the section signifying their intention to have the ownership of the dog transferred to their name. Submit the original pedigree to the office.

B) Registration of dogs with PCCI papers and the dog is currently registered under your name:
Submit the original PCCI pedigree to the office.

How do I register a litter?
Here are the following steps:
1) The breeder (owner of the dam) has to apply for a kennel name by filling out the kennel name application form giving three (3) choices for their kennel name. Your kennel name will be placed in front of the names of all the puppies in the litter, it is like a family name that identifies the breeder of the dog. This a one time application for succeeding litters, no need to apply for a new kennel name.
2) Fill up a litter registration application form which has to be signed by both the owner of the sire & dam. Submit it to the office for processing.

Can I register a litter if the sire/dam is AKCUPI registered and the other PCCI registered?
YES, you can. We register litters from parents who have pedigrees issued by all recognized dog clubs here & abroad.

I have a non registered puppy whose both parents have papers, how  do I register the pup with your organization?
Ask the breeder to register the parents with AKCUPI then apply for a litter registration for your pup.

I have a dog but only one parents has a pedigree, can I register it with you?
No, BOTH I have a dog with only one parent that has a pedigree, can I register the dog with you?parents must have official pedigree papers in order to be able to register the dog with us.

Is dual registration with different clubs a bad thing?
NO, everyone should have the freedom to choose. When you register a dog with AKCUPI, the status of your dog’s registration with the previous dog club is not changed. It will still be registered with the other dog club. The only difference is that now you can also enjoy the benefits of owning an AKCUPI registered dog.

Would AKCUPI require compulsory micro-chipping?
We would never force you to do something that is not absolutely necessary. Although we do not require micro-chipping we do not discourage it either. There are many pros and cons to this and we leave it to you, the dog owner to decide what is best for your dogs. Should you choose to have your dogs implanted with a chip you can give us the information and we will encode the microchip number in our data base and it will appear in the pedigrees of your dog’s future progenies. This also holds true for tattoo or any other permanent identification of your dog.

I live far away, can I register the dog by mail?
Yes, just download the required forms from our website at submit them together with the necessary documents and send it to our office via LBC. Address the documents to ASIAN KENNEL CLUB UNION OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. c/o Mr Erwin Alegado 316 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila (Beside Meralco). Add P150.00 for return postage via LBC. Don’t forget to enclose your payment together with the documents. Or you can deposit it directly to our bank account and enclose the deposit slip. See list below for the fees, you may call or email the office for the exact computation.

Where can I get the AKCUPI forms?
You can get them from our authorized outlets (call the office for the list), from our head office, or download them from our website in the forms page.
For further inquiries, please feel free to call our office at tel nos: 3766597-98 or send us an email at

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