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IMG_2139The relationship between man and dog has span throughout the ages. In the Philippines, the dog is often highly regarded as a member of the family. The Filipinos penchant for keeping pets has led to a boom in the dog industry. Places like the Tiendesitas at Pasig City has become the place to go to when looking for a pet. It is one stop shop where everything you need for your pet is available under one roof. This place is also the official venue for AKCUPI Championship dog Shows.

The number of pure bred dogs in the country has more than doubled in the past ten years. Serious enthusiasts have entered the dog game and brought in several top specimens to form the backbone of their show and breeding programs. Dog Shows have become a regular affair with judges coming from all corners of the globe. As the industry grows, change is inevitable in order to keep up with the times. This is called progress.

Due to the clamor of the dog lovers for club that sensitive to their needs, a group of highly respected dog owners and breeders got together and decided to take up that challenge. This gave rise to the birth of the Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines, Inc. better known as AKCUPI which was launched on March 30, 2008.

AKCUPI provides people with good service and protects integrity of the pedigrees. The club abhors politics, adheres to clean and fair competition in dog shows, encourages non-traditional dog sports/activities and observes social responsibility to the community. To be able to keep registration fees to a minimum, the club adopted policy of not passing on to the dog owners the Club’s meeting expenses, foreign and local travel of officials to attend conferences/ shows, director’s per diems, subsidy of dog shows and affiliated club’s expenses, gas, cars, and other allowances. All of these are shouldered by the individual AKCUPI directors from their own pockets and will not be an add on to the registration fees; thus the objective of keeping the fees low is attainable.

For this new kid on the block, AKCUPI has certainly accomplished a lot in its first three years and looks forward to many more fruitful years to come. Make AKCUPI a part of your family. Even if you are a member of another dog organization you are always welcome to AKCUPI.

We are all in this for the love of dogs and there should be no walls or barriers separating people with common interests. Whether you are a single dog owner or a big kennel you are equally important to us. This is what AKCUPI is all about. “The Friendly Dog Club that Cares”.

To people who love dogs we invite you to actively participate in our activities. Together we will make a differences in the lives of our four legged friends and the owners as well.

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