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Dog registration services – AKCUPI provides this service for all pure-bred dogs with pedigree papers from ALL recognized dog registries/clubs.

Transfer of ownership – when you acquire a pure-bred pedigreed dog it is registered under the name of the former owner.  AKCUPI offers a transfer of ownership service to record  and issue a pedigree under the name of the new owner.  Make sure the former owner signs the back of the pedigree papers.  For AKCUPI papers this is in Part 1 (left side, middle portion) where it states “I/we certify that this dog is directly transferred to the New Owner(s) indicated above.”  Signature of Former Owner (s).  For PCCI papers it is in Sec A. where the Signature of the former owner is required.

Kennel Name Registry – Think of this like a family name.  The kennel name is a unique name that identifies the breeder of the litter.  It is used as an Affix before the dog’s name.  Example:  Mr. Eduardo Santos a breeder of Dalmatians wants to register his litter of 2 pups.  His registered kennel name is WHITE LIGHT.  Name of the pups in the litter is:  Just Do It and Love ‘Em N Leave ‘Em.  The registered names of the pups as it would appear in the pedigree will be:  WHITE LIGHT’S JUST DO IT and WHITE LIGHT’S LOVE ‘EM AND LEAVE ‘EM.  We do not allow identical kennel names that’s why in the kennel name application form, we ask you to provide us with three (3) unique names in order of preference and we will choose the first available one that has not yet been taken by someone else.  You do not need to have a litter in order to register a kennel name, you may register one anytime but you can only register one kennel name per individual.  If you decide to change your kennel name you will have to give up your previous kennel name.  The kennel name registration form is available for download in the forms page.

Litter registration – The breeder is required to register the litter of pups in order for the club to issue individual pedigrees for the pups in the litter.   Two signatures are required here in the litter application form – the signature of the stud dog (owner of the sire) and the signature of the breeder (owner of the dam).   In litter application form you will be required to fill in the registered name of the sire, dam, breed, date of birth, individual names of the pups, colors, sex, date of birth, and date(s) mated.  The breeder is required to have a registered kennel name.  If the sire is not AKCUPI registered the breeder will be required to submit a photo copy of the stud dog’s pedigree.  If the dam is not AKCUPI registered, the breeder will have to register her first with AKCUPI by submitting her original pedigree to the office.  We accept registration from sires  &/or dams with PCCI pedigrees.  The litter registration form is available for download in the forms page.

NON AKCUPI pedigrees and FOREIGN registration – we accept pedigrees from all recognized dog registries here & abroad.  Just bring your dog’s original Non-AKCUPI pedigree to the office.

Supplemental transfer – this is necessary when a dog is being transferred from the original owner to a third party.  This form has to be signed by the second party transferring the dog to a third party & submitted together with the dog’s original pedigree.  The supplemental transfer form is available for download in the forms page.

Express processing – for a minimal fee AKCUPI provides this service if you want to get your pedigree papers on the same day, usually while you wait.

Dog shows – From time to time AKCUPI holds championship dog shows at our official venue at the Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Seminars  & other dog related activities. – check out our updates page here and in facebook for announcements.

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